Thursday, February 16, 2017


In the beginning of "Birthmark", the narrator longed for the removal of her birthmark on her cheek. This birthmark was holding her back from being perfect. People would always look past her beauty to point out her birthmark. Everyone has at least one insecurity, and the narrator had the opportunity to get rid of her insecurity. Despite the pain of the procedure to get rid of the birthmark, the narrator jumped at the opportunity. After the birth mark was removed, there was nothing for people to dwell on except her perfection. At first she was content, but then the regret started to set in. People saw her differently, and not only in the way she looks. Her demeanor started to change in the eyes of others. She felt this change. Her true self seemed to become lost, and something was missing. When she met her husband, she could never feel truly loved because there was always the doubt of whether or not he would have loved her if she still had the birthmark. She would experience resentment when she saw couples who completely loved each other(flaws and all), because she would never know if her on husband would embrace her birthmark, or reject her because of it. Her life became very doubtful. Once her birthmark came back, there was no doubt. She knew her husband loved her for who she was and that her wasn't embarrassed of her. The narrator could now move past this obstacle and there is nothing keeping her from starting a family of her own.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Oftentimes, people associate happiness with money. While money can make you happy, it's probably not in the way you think. In a TED Talk presented by Michael Norton, he examines the ways in which money makes people happy. He does a study where he first asks people how happy they are. Then he gives them money and tells some people to spend the money on themselves and others to spend the money on someone else. He finds that the people who spent the money on themselves did not become happier, and the people who spent the money on someone else became noticeably happier. So many people are unhappy because they are trying to achieve happiness in the wrong ways. If in the study done by Norton the subjects were given the option to spend money on themselves or someone else, most of them would think spending the money on themselves would cause more happiness. Individuals need to become more accepting to other ways of achieving happiness. Often times people focus their happiness on one object like money, or looks. When people do this they are closing the doors to other opportunities of happiness. For example, many believe happiness comes with wealth, but for most people this means working for it. When the fixation on working and getting promoted to make more money consumes your life, it closes the doors for other aspects of life like family or creative outlets. Suddenly, there is no time for Sunday dinners with the family or finishing that painting you were passionate about. Achieving wealth for most people will indeed result in some joy, however it does not amount to the happiness you will get when time is distributed to account for all components of life that may cause happiness.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Book Project

For my independent reading project, I made a resume based on the main character from the book Perks of Being a Wallflower. I chose to make a resume because I knew that the main character was a studious person, so I would be a able to put a lot on it. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Who Have You Emulated?

Many people emulate older family members because they see something in that person that they want to be. I'm glad that I am one of these many people. The person I have emulated my entire life is my sister, Julia. Julia is 19 years old going to USD for political science, working at the Brigantine in Coronado, and also able to keep a healthy social life. Throughout her life she has always been a pretty busy person. In elementary school, middle school, and high school, she had always maintained scholarly grades, joined and created clubs, and played soccer with both club and high school teams. She likes the business while I on the other hand don't. I like to have some down time to spend doing what I want, however I am trying to be more like my sister. I want to be able to balance school, work, friends, and family like she does. She also finds time to be there for me through everything. Julia is someone I can talk to whenever and will never judge me. If I come to her crying she is able to calm me down and if I come to her happy she is able to joke around with me. She doesn't ever try to dictate my life like my parents, but she is always gives me perfect advice. When I am with her I feel comfortable and that is how I want people to feel when they need anything from me. I purposely take more steps each day to be as exceptional as her.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Defining Moment in My Education

A defining moment in my educational experience was in 7th grade when I enrolled into my first digital media class at my middle school. Before middle school, I didn't know how much I enjoyed Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I knew what digital art was because my sister was in a digital media program and it always fascinated me, but I never actually got to work with any programs like Photoshop. Once we started to do different projects in that class, I immediately loved it. Now that I am a sophomore in high school and have taken photo and taking digital arts, I have even more of a passion for digital art. I do hope that schools now start having classes for more advanced techniques, because at the moment I have to do the same projects I did last year which gets repetitive. Enrolling in that digital arts class was the best decision I made in my educational career. It lead me to wanting to dedicate my life to digital arts and photography. If I hadn't had the educational opportunity to learn about digital arts, I would not know what I want to do with the rest of my life. The picture above is a project I made in photo last year. The original project had hundreds of tiny starts in the sky that took me a long time to do, however when I converted the file to an image the stars did not transfer as well as I wanted them to. Even though this project isn't one of my best, but I treasure it because it was the first project I got to chose and do on my own with creative freedom.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What's the Word?

A single person can say as little as zero words in a day to as many as twenty thousand words in a day. Among the most common words are "people","good", and "work". Those are not necessarily my favorite words because they are superficial. They do't have very much meaning at all. A word that I think is underrated is "luminescence". I did quite a bit of research of different words before finding the one I chose, but none of the other words I researched had as much elegance from everything to the pronunciation to the definition.

The definition of luminescence, according to Google, is the emission of light by a substance that has not been heated, as in fluorescence and phosphorescence. Maybe it is just me, but that definition paints an alluring picture. When the description of an item uses the word "luminescence", the word is so specific that it adds a captivating visual to the description. In speech, luminescence also has a nice ring to it. The phonetic spelling of luminescence is lo͞oməˈnesəns. The way the syllables meld together to create a word that just rolls of the tongue. I admire all aspects of the word, and strive to use it more in writing and speech.

Monday, September 12, 2016

What Is Beautiful?

To me, beauty comes from acceptance. Whether it is accepting yourself for who they are, or accepting someone else for who they are. When I see on the news that the world has taken another step towards acceptance it makes me feel better about the cruel world. For example, I recently saw an article on Buzzfeed about how a Florida State University football player visiting a middle school sat with a student who had autism, who otherwise would have sat alone. The article demonstrates the acceptance of mental health issues with an outcome of two joyful individuals. Acceptance of new ideas or beliefs is a long and difficult process, but when it does happen it is truly beautiful. Acceptance is not only beautiful its self, but can also have beautiful effects. When someone feels accepted, they often feel more self confident and content with themselves, which are things I feel are also beautiful. If you were to look at the occurrences that happen when people do not accept others for who they are, it is grim. In the absence of acceptance, there is war, hatred, and bigotry. Everything about acceptance is beautiful to me, from acceptance its self to the effects of acceptance.